Decentralized Global Network of Modern Financial Services

SprinkleCoin (SCOI) is a cryptocurrency for use in every day aimed at solving the geographical and class borders of investing through modernizing financial services.

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Price Per Token : $0.30

Why SprinkleCoin?

Get Crypto for your Cash

There are billions of people who do not use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. Mostly because it is too complicated and too risky. We are looking to simplify this with the Cash to Crypto solution.

Removes friction

SprinkleCoin will make it easier to move the smaller amount of funds cross borders in a compliant way. This will remove geographical barriers for everyone.

Power to the people

The world is getting more and more automated which replaces workers. This makes it harder to get well-paying jobs while company owners make more profits. This makes it more important than ever for everyone to get involved and start owning part of business and networks to keep up with the pace of innovation.

We strongly believe that anyone in the world has the chance to build a better life and achieve their financial dreams if they just dare to participate in the market.

What can SprinkleCoin do?

One Crypto-trading Platform to Acces them All

We are moving the stakes in the favor of the average investor. With our unique solution, you will be able to place an order for e.g Bitcoin and we will route it to the exchange with the best price.

Cash to Crypto (C2C)

For people who do not have access to all these complicated crypto-exchanges, we have a solution. It’s called Cash to Crypto or C2C as we like to call it. It means that you can exchange your cash to SprinkleCoin as easily as buying a soda.

One Platform - All Your Investments

Imagine having a quick overview of all your cryptos, stocks, ETF’s, and options in the same app. That’s what we will bring you.

How will it work?

Integrate into trading system

SprinkleCoin will be integrated into the SprinkleBit trading platform and gives you the ability to pay for premium services and send money to friends. It can also be used to fund your crypto-trading account.

C2C rating system

Our cash to crypto system has the same rating system as a ride-sharing application. This means that you can be confident in the SprinkleCoin vendors and the patrons who buys the coin.

Use Your SprinkleCoins on SprinkleBit

All subscriptions on SprinkleBit will be able to be paid using SprinkleCoin It gives the user a 50% discount on all the services.

Invisible layer for cross-border investments

SprinkleCoin’s settlement API could be used by any partner in the network who would like to use it for international investors to easily transfer funds to their system.

Download the SprinkleBit App

To get the full experience of the SprinkleCoin utility token, download the SprinkleBit application and get started!


As a utility coin, SprinkleCoin is hitting the ground running. There are already multiple things
you could do with this token and much more to come.

1.0 Q1 2018 Premium Services Use your SprinkleCoin Tokens to buy premium services
1.1 Q2 2018 Crypto Trading The first smart-routing crypto-trading platform
1.2 Q3 2018 Developer API Use the our API for algo-trading
1.3 Q3 2018 Invisible Settlement Layer Use your SprinkleCoins as underlying settlement asset
1.4 Q4 2018 Cash To Crypto Turn your bills into crypto in seconds
1.4 Q4 2018 Smart Wallet Use your smart-wallet to access multiple currencies
2.0 2019 Mining Network We will optimize the SprinkleCoin with our own mining protocol
3.0 2019-2020 Quantum Resistant Keys The private keys on our blockchain will be Quantum resistant

Funding Allocations

Token distribution:

80% of tokens are made available to the public with no restrictions.

20% retained by SprinkleBit for internal distribution with a 12 months lock-in period.


SprinkleCoin Video
Presentation - Dubai International Blockchain Summit
SprinkleBit Video


30% Bonus for buyers of less than 100,000 SCOI
40% for buyers 100,001 SCOI to 300,000 SCOI
50% for buyers 300,001 to 10,000,000 SCOI
60% for buyers 10,000,001 SCOI to 50,000,000 SCOI
70% for buyers 50,000,001 SCOI to 100,000,000 SCOI
80% for buyers of 100,000,001 to 150,000,000 SCOI
90% for buyers of 150,000,001 to 200,000,000 SCOI
100% for buyers of 200,000,001+ SCOI


SCOI Tokens in Bonuses

How To Buy SprinkleCoins

Accepted Payment Methods

Receiving your SprinkleCoin Tokens

We aim to distribute the tokens within 36 hours after purchase. This means that you could receive your tokens within 1 hour or up to 36 hours depending on the queue at the time of your purchase. You will need to do a small set up process to receive and see your tokens. Go to your myetherwallet and click "Add Custom Token" and enter the details below into the fields you will see. Or do the same using your local wallet (Mist or Ethereum Wallet).
Contract Address: 0x3F5b26B0FA3E9D8547b7cf6725871f96ee91313a
Token Symbol: SCOI
Decimals: 18


If you send using other crypto currencies, (LTC,XRP,BTC) please be sure to send your Ethereum wallet address, so we can send you your Tokens, and please do not use Exchanges wallets.